I’ve been working on several Laravel 5-driven projects which demonstrate different framework capabilities. You can buy all of the code to these projects and gain additional insights into their features and the development process via an included companion guide.

LaraBrain Community Tip Repository

LaraBrain is a Laravel-driven web application which aggregates community-submitted tips and tricks pertaining to our favorite PHP framework. This site is packed with features, including a tip approval workflow, restricted administration console, advanced view partials, account profiles, content favoriting and filtering, custom global scope integration, and much more.

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Stripe-powered Online Store

Easy E-Commerce Using Laravel and Stripe is a fun and comprehensive guide to building an online store using Laravel and the Stripe payment processor! You’ll learn how to implement subscriptions, digital downloads, one-off purchases, customized receipts, and so much more! This book includes all of the code used to power the fictional We Dew Lawns, Inc. website (http://wedewlawns.com/).

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